Disenchantment Magnet

I used my alcohol markers to create this magnet for geekgirl in the magnet swap. I am not familiar with this show, but I am really happy with how she turned out. I glued it to a wooden circle and then mod podged over it to seal it (that’s the reason behind part of the bleeding, but it’s okay). I used a circle punch to create a perfect circle for the flat magnet on the back. I’m really happy with how it turned out!


You really got Bean’s attitude down!

I had to look into pens that don’t smear since I do a lot of mixed media. Micron pens work great! As do anny acrylic paint pen like poscas although they take a little longer to dry than microns. And the good thing. Is they both come in a variety of thicknesses.

Thanks for the fun magnet. Bean is my favorite!


Nicely done!

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Thanks everyone!

And, thanks @geekgirl for those suggestions! I know that regular Crayola type markers would smear, so I was nervous because I had really expected there to be so much more smearing that would end up smearing the color all around. So, when it was mostly just that little tiny smear on the eyelashes and nose, I was over the moon happy! I was like, yay, success!

The variation in the green I think is fun. I was using a reference where there was lighter green lower and then darker. When I started coloring, I didn’t like how that looked, so I put the dark green over it. I really like how it ended up.

Even though I am not familiar with Disenchantment, this is one of my favorite magnets that I sent because I just love how it turned out.


Such a cool magnet! Looks like a really good likeness.

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I love Bean! You totally captured her in this magnet.

I’ve had my pens smear with the mod podge layer too. Especially the uniballs and my white stamp pad ink. It can be really disheartening because it’s on the final step! I will have to remember @geekgirl’s tips.

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Thank you @Bunny1kenobi @endymion and @Abbeeroad! It gives me atc coin vibes on a magnet every time I look at it! I’m really impressed with the likeness, too!

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a collage class I am taking recommended a spray fixitive that you spray on before using mod podge or matte medium to prevent smearing. I did buy some but haven’t used it yet. it was pricey but hopefully will last a while. the benefit of this specific one is that it’s safe to spray inside. I will have to go look for the other kind that needs to be sprayed outside.

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Ooo! That sounds perfect. Def let us know how it works!

This is really cool!

I love her expression!

I also have had smearing issues with some things I have made. Good to know that this supportive community is here to help us improve and learn about ways to deal with this! Definitely going to try a fixative for smeary things like chalk and even printed magazine images!