Disney Autograph Books

We surprised our kiddos the day before Christmas with a trip to Disneyland. In preparation I made them, and their cousin who we were meeting there, autograph books to collect signatures. I purchased blank kraft colored books and applied a paper background, and vinyl cutouts from my cricut to personalize them.


Such a good idea! These are super cute.

Clever autograph books :slight_smile:

Awesome! I used to be very good friends with the characters! A handy tip… if you buy one of the pens they sell in park, they will swap it out for free if the ink runs dry while you’re there.

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Aww, how sweet is this? Everybody have fun and fill up their books?

Thanks for the tip! I totally did buy a couple pens there for the books, since I totally spaced bringing some.

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The girls got Spider-Man, Pluto, Goofy, Minnie, Tinker bell, Chip and Dale. We met Darth Vader and Chewie, but I totally spaced getting signatures.

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This was such a great plan, and great that they got several autographs :smiley: