Disney Bottle Cap Magnets

My Holiday Gift Partner is a huge Disney fan, so I made her a set of 10 Disney themed bottlecap magnets. These were pretty simple, other than getting the picture size just right to fit. It was a kit I ordered on Amazon. I used double sided tape to adhere the picture, then the kit had a sticker dome that you put inside the bottlecap. Then I glued the magnets to them.

As you can see, I tried to do a mixture of Christmas and vintage movies.


What a cute idea!

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So cute! I love how colorful they are.

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Love these! Where did you get the caps from? Did they come included in the kit? If so…do you know where to get the caps without getting the kit?

Terrific project!

Those are really cute!

These are cute and you can never have enough fridge magents!

I ordered these from Amazon.

Thanks so much everyone!