Disney Wonder Coasters

Today I lugged all of my machine embroidery gear and supplies to my parent’s house and had a wonderful day creating these coasters for my upcoming Disney cruise in November. I am going on the cruise with my mum and these will be a part of our fish extender gifts. I made 8 in total, but 2 were drying as I used water soluble stabiliser on top as per the pattern…this was unnecessary.

The top layer is a vinyl, middle is felt and bottom is a cork fabric with blue flecks through it, which is soooo pretty :blue_heart: it’s a shame it’s on the bottom :sweat_smile:

I even stopped on the way and got my second machine from storage… I made short work of taking over the kitchen :sweat_smile:

My mum had a little surprise gift for me, I love it!


Pretty, what’s a fish extender gift?


Thank you :pray:t2:

An optional part of the cruise is a fish extender gift exchange. You can join a fb group for your specific cruise, and from that, join the FE fb group. You get assigned a group and buy/make gifts for everyone in your group. Our group is small, only 3 cabins (including ours) as we wanted to join an adults only group, although there is space for another cabin.

This blog post explains it in more detail.

There is also the idea of Pixie Dust, which is giving small gifts to people you meet, or drop into the fish extender hangars of cool doors you like… you decorate your doors too! I have grand plans for ours :smile:

I have LOTS more ideas for our FE group and for Pixie Dusting too, so I’ll be excited to share as I make it.


I was wondering that, too! The coasters look great. You sure did lug a bunch over there. I like that you had so many layers so the coasters would be functional and not just beautiful. The recipients are going to be thrilled! Have fun on your cruise!


Oh wow! It sounds like a really fun cruise that encourages people to interact and make friends. I like that idea.


1 - that cruise sounds so fun! 2 - the coasters turned out lovely.

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These turned out beautifully! Great idea for gifts, too! They’re on-theme and easy to pack home!

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Thank you all so much :grinning:

@TheMistressT I actually have a lot more planned for them :sweat_smile: but hopefully it won’t take up too much room :see_no_evil:

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:passenger_ship: :mouse: :thread: Congratulations! Your Wonder Coasters are a Featured Project this week! :thread: :mouse: :passenger_ship:

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Oh thank you so much for the feature :star_struck::star_struck:

They look so good! Well done!

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@skrutt thank you :hugs:

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These are perfect gifts!