Disneyland Metal Stamped Jewelry

My partner in the Holiday Gift swap is a huge Disney fan, and Disneyland in particular, so I decided to stamp her a bracelet and necklace. I had to order a castle stamp to complete this.

The bracelet has Disneyland’s logo “the happiest place on earth,” and the necklace says (and can you read it without singing it?), " A dream is a wish your heart makes."


This is great! Love the necklace!

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Very cute!

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You really spoiled your partner! All the Disney items turned out so well. I know they will love to wear the metal jewelry.


I’m impressed by your ability to space the letters so perfectly! You did a great job on this.

You managed to do quite a bit for your swap partner, while still organizing and keeping track of and creating for the ornament swap and also working on whatever other projects/swaps you had going on then. How in the world did you manage to do all that, while working, mothering, and wifing?

I’m definitely impressed all the way around!

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It’s wonderful!

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Thanks so much everyone! It was fun to get into my metal stamping supplies again.

I have a couple of your stamped items and they are great! These are no exception and I am sure she loved them.