Display who created the topic

I’d like to suggest a thing… I’d like to see who created a post when previewing it.

Also this which seems like a similar suggestion so I’m just going to add it here. Posts without photos display the avatar of the user to replied most recently. It’s confusing to me a bit, I assumed the avatar shown is the original poster. I think this would be especially helpful when someone is asking a question in the discussions or to see who is organizing a particular swap.


Ha, I love you used my post as an example. Teehee. I do agree though. It would be super helpful to have the avatar be who posted the topic and not most recent poster and to know who posted topics. I suggested something similar quite a while ago with regarding reconzing who is the sender in a pm because those also show the last person to reply and it’s super confusing.


And I love that you created photo examples for your suggestion. A person after my own visual heart! :heart_eyes:

For the first suggestion, I’m a bit torn because I’d rather our interest is piqued based on the topic/project itself rather than who posted it. I am definitely willing to see if I can modify it, if we can think of why that information would be truly beneficial while browsing. Adding any extra pieces of info to the screen are always considered with a heavier weight as they can start to clutter the browsing experience for us. Our old home was a bit of a CNN screen (sensory overload with no negative spaces :exploding_head:).

^ That being said, I can absolutely see how it would be beneficial in the swap areas as the Swap Organizer is often an integral part of one’s decision to join a swap.

Let’s keep chatting and brainstorming about this, please!


I’m very much a visual person, I have a hard time keeping on track if I try to verbally/textually explain something, that’s also a reason I suggested this too.

I see your point about not wanting more clutter and not wanting people to click just because they see a certain name.

OK so this is how my brain works, and I understand not everyone’s brain works that way, and I’m happy to go with the group on what is best for the site! OK so my brain basically only makes connections by visually seeing stuff, so when things aren’t together it’s hard for me to make the connections. OK so when the username is next to the preview I can see title, user, photo all together and I can make the mental connection that all those things go together, sometimes on the posts page there is a bit of text that separates user from the pictures, especially on mobile. If that makes any sense.

On craftster it was different since it was mostly a desktop site, all the user info was easily seen all together, and I’m not wishing it was more like craftater. Now we have a better mobile friendly site (love it yay) so there is less room on the screen to get all those connections together.


And one more, when similar crafts/techniques are used it would make it easier (for me at least***) to remember who made what. For example these two BEAUTIFUL assemblage pieces! :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


And this is all just a suggestion and I understand you also have a whole nother life to also take care of and you can’t make every single change anyone wants you to make. And you’re a total queen!!

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I agree! I think it’s odd that we can see who posted last in a thread, but not who started the thread, which often means who made the items in the picture.


I’d rather see a thumbnail of the project than anybody’s avatar. I get confused, think “ooh, that looks interesting!” and what caught my eye turns out to be unrelated to the post.


I love your visuals! It helps so much! Lots of great ideas and info.


I love both of the original suggestions in this post!


You are so sweet, audity!! Thank you so much for the visuals. That really helps!

I’ve always found the display of the most recent commenter confusing, because it makes it look like they started the thread, but I was just reminded of one other reason I’d love to see that changed.

I always get weirdly… embarrassed? Self-conscious? …when there’s a huge list of just MY icon on all the top topics. I tend to go around commenting in batches, because that’s how it’s easiest to use my time to catch up on things on the site, but I find myself commenting on fewer topics because it feels so weird seeing nothing but my own face all over the top site! I wouldn’t mind being the most recent commenter on a lot of other threads at once, but it would be nice if the icon shown weren’t just ME ME ME lol.

ETA: like this -


I’d like to see a thumbnail of the project. I think a picture looks interesting, click, and am disappointed when it’s something else entirely.

I appreciate all the work that has gone into this site, and can live with how it is, but it seems like it would make more sense for a discussion forum, where you might want to see what a particular poster has to say.

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