Disreputable... Dog

I stitched this as a gift to my favorite podcaster, Natasha from Unspoiled! She recently finished reading Abhorsen by Garth Nix, the third Old Kingdom book. When we’re first introduced to this character, usually called the Disreputable Dog, the dog offers this as another potential name. Natasha felt a strong kinship to the phrase.

Full photo blurred for language (mild).

The diamond is chain stitch, the words are chain and satin, and the rest is running stitch and some french knots. I was delighted to be able to watch her open it on camera for the last episode of the Abhorsen podcast! :purple_heart:


How freaking cool is that?!?

Your stitching is inspiring! :blush:

Oh! I read Sabriel. But haven’t finished the series. Well I listened to it. It was narrated by Tim curry. He did a great job.

Your stitching is impeccable!

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I also listened to the first four books. The first three are read by Tim Curry. The fourth was someone else. The fifth was a woman I couldn’t stand to listen to, so I only got a minute into the book before I stopped. I need to get the physical copy to finish out the series.

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This is super awesome! Are we not allowed to show profanity? I want to see this in its full glory.

Lovely stitching with a fabulous background fabric. So cool!

Thanks! If you click on something that’s blurred you can see it clearly.

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I didn’t know that. It’s so great! And you definitely deserve the Adult for a Day badge, btw. :blush:


Wild flailing! My favorites series!!! Eek! :heart: Love love it!

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I’m not familiar with the book, or the podcast, but I love your stitching and your fabric!