Distressed [fabric] but colourful!

Hi you crafty bunch!

Back to the covid isolation fabric stash sewathon!!

So I used the same pattern as I used for my skull hoodie, only for a different season this time as I didn’t add the hood or arms.

I’ve had this fabric in my stash for a fair while now, and originally I’d intended to use it to make leggings or a maxi skirt, buuuut the backing was pretty sheer which I didn’t anticipate (since I bought it online as I almost always do as there aren’t many [clothing] fabric shops here in the UK!). But I figured that it would make a nice airy summery crop top to wear as is or over a cami! :smiley: :sunny:

Not sure I’d go out of the house with it just over a bra (tho tbf all the ones I make are FUUULL coverage) but I’m almost always in a cami top so it wouldn’t be a problem to dig one out to layer it with, lol.

I love that the fabric is both grungy and distressed but also a pretty pastel purple as well, I think it’ll go nicely with all my eclectic colourful home-made shorts :grin:

:boom: The pattern is the Teen Spirit top from George & Ginger Patterns

:boom: The double-layer textured lilac jersey was from Minerva Crafts

Hope you like it! :sunglasses:
Loops xx


You are killing the outfits!


Love that fabric. Purple is my favorite color. It looks fantastic. I love he style of it. It looks effortlessly cool.


Love it!

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You’re gonna come out of this with a whole new wardrobe! I love the color of the top, and of course your hair is boss


I also love the combo of grunge and girly. Looks awesome with the black jeans.

Can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve. :smiley:


Girl, you are killing it!

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@bethntim Shhh don’t mention that to hubby, I think he’s choosing to ignore that the house is filling up with both new clothes I’ve made, and even more fabric to make even more new clothes with, rofl!!

@gozer Purple is my fave too :purple_heart:! Tho that said I also loooove teal/turquoise, and mustard, and so many other colours, it’s hard to pick a fave!!

@kittykill @MistressJennie @Abbeeroad Question is… what do I make next?!!

  • I made a bunch of new pants (in the UK sense, so undies) recently, literally a ton of them, but I have yet more fabric to make yet more pants with, you can never have too many surely lol?!
  • And I have a cardigan planned, which will be a copy of my favourite cardi that’s worn out, with a lovely lace panel down the long sleeves.
  • A couple of either kimono or poncho type cover up tops with mesh/crochet fabrics, and actually a ton of chiffons that would make nice ones too!
  • Got a couple of nice floaty fabrics I got for making into nice wide leg cropped trousers/culottes
  • Purple sugar skulls cotton that will make more awesome shorts
  • Aaaand I’ve just bought a romper pattern that I want to make (shorts version) - perfect for quarantine, lol
  • A tiered skirt with some embroidered fabric
  • Possibly some empress shorts with this lovely chiffon I have (made some last year for a beer festival but I wasn’t 100% on how they turned out)
  • I’ve also got a bunch of ridiculously amazeballs fabric that I’m scared to touch so I’m saving for just the right project (Ghibli mashup, Trapdoor, Mr Meseeks, Gnomeville, Sloths, Bee-utiful) but that were the most pricey so I don’t have that much of, so maaaybe some more basic tank tops with shelf bra, or even dresses (I have a few patterns that I bought AGES ago and haven’t tried yet!)

I’ve also got tons of stuff I have planned to make later this year when it gets colder again, rofl!!! I’m so terrible at making decisions, and I always have a to-do list a mile long :grin:

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Oh! A Kimono type cover up top would look so fab on you!

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