Dit Dow- a family ATC

As a baby, my oldest was OBSESSED with stairs. And of course, we had some, and he was always, always, always trying to climb the stairs. And of course, every time, he was (increasingly forcefully) told to get down, and then removed from the stairs.

One day, he got up on the stairs, turned around and looked at me and said his precious first words - no exaggeration- they really were his first words!- “Dit dow!” I still chuckle about that 34 years later…

PS- just a note that my son’s feet do not look like flippers in real life, nor do his hands look like fleshy mittens… :grimacing:


What a great card and a great story. Love it!

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Another wonderful drawing and lovely sentiment!

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What a precious (and hilarious) memory! And so perfect for this card. And all parents think their children have non-flipper feet… even if they do.

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Thanks, guys!

So so sweet…thanks for sharing your family atcs and precious memories with us.

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Thanks, everyone!

Great work-the flipper comment cracked me up.

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Lol! Thanks! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Another great memory in art form. TFS

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Thank you!!