Diving Giraffe Slimline Card

A family member had a milestone birthday in February of 2021, so we didn’t all get to gather to celebrate. Next month we are gathering to celebrate! Giraffes are her favorite animal and we’re gathering in Hawaii.

The giraffe, letters, numbers, and the frame around the dome are cut with die., The flowers for the lei are cut with a punch, and the see creatures are fussy cut from printed cardstock.

It gave me a giggle to use starfish as asterisks!


NICELY done.

I’m sorry to hear that you have to celebrate in awesome HAWAII.

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Such a fun, fabulous card!

Great card!

This card is so detailed!

Yay for Hawaii. :purple_heart:

This is so great, I love it! That face is too cute & the diving bubble just genius.
We had a 70th giraffe themed party for my mom too, not in Hawaii but still the coolest. :giraffe:

Thanks so much everyone!

@Magpie I remember that! What a fun celebration you had! This one is not going to be giraffe-themed as far as I know, but definitely Things-She-Likes-themed!

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This card is AMAZING! I bet it took hours - so beautifully done!

Aw, thank you! I think this actually might’ve been one of the quicker ones.

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SOOOO great! The little underwater bubble head on the giraffe is the absolute best. You’re so creative to think of this kind of stuff!!! Even the little starfish asterisk is something that most people wouldn’t think about. Your brain is just made for papercrafting. :slight_smile:


Well, thank you!!!

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And she has a brilliant mind for miniatures as well. (you should make more…)

Just sayin’.

Well, isn’t that the sweetest little card ever? Love this little scuba giraffe.

Awww, you! THANKS! That means a lot coming from you. I hope to get a chance to get back my “big mini” project later this year!

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