DIY dressform instruction

Wow, this guy is FABULOUS! He uses anti-fatigue floor mats for the form, I’ve never seen that before but of course it’s such an excellent idea. Very light but sturdy, completely pinable. I am doing it. I need a custom form!


I just saw plushies…

Well that was odd. I fixed the link. It’s in 5 parts but super detailed, fast forward for the gist of it.

Works now, thanks! Will watch later.

Pretty cool. I made a dress form with the duct tape and stuffed with newspaper. Worked ok, I am probably back down to that size again, I’ll have to dig it out.

Now… If I had someone who might want to help me with this XD but I’ve started on a different kind of dressform so I should try to finish that first

@Edel here is the awesome dress form making video. It’s really fantastic.

Cool, thanks my lovely