Diy gold candleholders with beadwork and wirework beadwork mini wreath

Had some red tall taper candles from Denmark travel years ago but no candle holder fit.
Some empty glass bottles glued on 2 layers white crepe paper and let dry. Added an insert of thick aluminium kitchen foil wrapped so that candle fits/sits tight.
Then painted them light coat acrylic gold paint Winsor & Newton twice air drying well between layers. ( Do not use heat gun on paints fumes are not good for health!)
With thin copper wire added leftovers glass seedbeads freestyle. Two different ways.
With thicker sturdy gold wire made a mini beadwork wreath also with glass seedbeads.
The color is holidays green was from think Fusionbeads.Green with silver coating.


These are festive and pretty. Thank you for your description of the process, I love the effect.

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These look so lovely and Christmas-y! Are you going to light them or keep them as decorations?

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They were/are allready lighted the wicks tips are black in picture as I had lighted them few times before the picture.
I have 4 more so enough for this holiday season each day light them for a time.