DIY Heabands

Hello guys, I have created some Headbands inspired by the changing trends.
It took me few months, but I finally created a good project for it.

I have used ribbons, beads, other decorative items to make the headbands.
I would love you all to give me your valuable feedback.

I have also attached some pics from the course. Your comments are valuable.


Hi Betty. Welcome to Lettuce Craft! Your headband is very pretty. Can I ask if it is for an occasion or to go with a certain outfit? It looks like it would be very sweet on a flower girl.

Welcome, Betty! That is so pretty!

Yes, it looks very bridal all in white.

Exactly. I have created this for a flower girl.

Thank you

Yes. Here is another handmade tiara for special occasion.


How pretty! I would love to see some action shots. They are so delicate!

Lovely! The tiara is especially pretty

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Thank you

Sure. I will post if possible

These are both gorgeous!