DIY Hogwarts Letter Costume

This is from the Craftster era, so it may be a Cster repost. Several years ago I was invited to a Harry Potter-themed Halloween party. I decided to go as one of the hosts’ Howarts letter.

I wrote out the text of the letter (per the book) on an old white T-shirt. If I remember correctly, the green text is Magic Marker and the black Sharpie. I’ve obscured the name here out of an abundance of privacy. (But she doesn’t live at that address anymore, so for that I didn’t bother.)

I also hot-glued a small, lightweight owl to an elastic headband so it looked like I was properly being delivered via owl post. :owl: Honestly, that might be my favorite part.

Thanks for looking!


This is hilarious. I’ve seen people be things like the Snitch, or a Chocolate Frog Card before, but I’ve never seen anyone be a Letter. Well done Madam.


Clever costume…you must have been a hit to be delivered by owl!

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That is so fun - love the owl headband!

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What a clever idea! Love the owl courier. Better hope it’s not Errol!


Thanks, everyone!

So clever!

Such a unique costume idea! I love the owl, too!