DIY Spool for Fabric Twine (with tutorial)

While tidying up my craft space, I came upon a fabric twine WIP that I decided to finish. While doing that, the tube situation I was winding it around began to fail.


So now what? Oh! I just put several “extra” saved tubes into the burn pile next to the woodstove! And there’s a much sturdier one in there, too. But how do I avoid this same situation? Make a spool! Here’s how I did it.


I cut circles to cap the ends. A dozen to be exact. Each end is 6 die-cut circles laminated together with craft glue. So they would dry flat-ish, I put them under some books and 3-2-1 blocks to dry.

When they were dry, I cut a flat bit on each to keep it from rolling off a table when in use - something I saw on a vintage spool of floral wire that I inherited.


Then I eyeballed the center and traced around the tube on each.


I used Quick Grip adhesive to attach the ends. I did one, letting it dry thoroughly, then the other.


Finally I sat in a cozy spot and wound the fabric twine from the old tube onto the new spool!


The spool is a great idea! and the twine looks really pretty wrapped around the spool. :thread:

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The twine came out great, and I gotta love a custom built bit of organization!


Thanks, folks!

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I don’t know what you’re up to but it looks GREAT! That spool, the twine!


Organizing! Yes! This turned out great. I especially love the flat spots to keep it from hitting the floor.

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Thanks, friends!

Nice! How did you make the twine?

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Neat! And i love the flat spot, perfect fix.

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Beautiful fabric twine, and a great solution for storing it! Love that it won’t roll off the table.

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You are a very clever person


Thanks, everyone!

@Animegirlie I used this tutorial. I found a few on Pinterest, this one worked for me.

@Edel Awww, you! Isn’t it fascinating what a mind will come up with while trying to avoid another task? :rofl:


This makes me want to make the twine!


I really like how fabric twine looks on the spool or in a ball, but I have had trouble finding something that is my style that is made from it. D’oh! I made some with xmas colors a few years ago and have been using it as ribbon on gifts, but I have sooooo much ribbon for all gift giving reasons that I don’t imagine doing that with this. I think I’ll just enjoy it as a decorative piece for a bit!