DIY yarn swift!

Have you ever done something so simple, yet so frickin’ genius that you blew your own mind? This may not amaze some, but I’m feeling pretty proud for creating something functional and free!

I needed a yarn swift for wrapping reclaimed yarn into hanks. I have enough money to buy one, but I haven’t really gotten out much and missing an Amazon delivery on the doorstep doesn’t exactly score high on my priority list.

I bring you, the DIY office chair and Sharpie marker yarn swift!!!

I flipped it upside down and the wheels came off easily. Coincidentally, these markers fit perfectly and tightly as spokes to hold the yarn snug. It swivels smooth. Oh, and that circumference? A perfect 60 inches, making the inch to yard conversion much simpler and accurate than my former yarn weight->approximate yardage method.

Now ‘she’ may not be pretty, but life just got a little easier, and every bit helps. I wanted to swing by here and share with you crafty lovelies. :heart:


This is incredibly clever and innovative!

OMG this is brilliant! I laughed at the ingenuity when I saw it :joy:

What a great idea! What will you be using the reclaimed yarn for?

I sell the yarn online and then use the scraps and smaller pieces to make my own personal projects.

Oh Crap, a brilliant use for all those broken office chairs!! Well, a few of them, at least. :smiley:

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You are brilliant.

Love it! :laughing:

Wow, so clever!!


This is genius.

Wow! So smart!