Do you have or use a knitting loom?

Hi all! I just got a large infinity knitting loom and curious to know what kind of projects people make with these? I do a lot of crochet, and know basic knit stitches but have never done anything complicated. I hope that the loom will make some projects feel more accessible to me. I’d love any suggestions, or a show & tell of what you’ve made using your looms. Thank you in advance!!


I’ve used a few smaller looms (round one and one for pot holders). The round looms are super easy and there are all sorts of stitches you can do on it. I’ve made hats, scarves, and potholders.


YouTube has LOTS of loom videos. I’ve mostly made infinity scarves and hats on mine, but I did make a couple pairs of socks, too!


I love to knit but sometimes I want to do a different motion so I have a set of round looms that I mostly make child or baby hats. They go fast on a loom and are extra warm if you use two strands.

I also have a longer loom that makes scarves quickly. I mostly use them just for a change of pace.

Recently, I bought knook needles…I love to crochet and thought I would see what the big deal was…apparently, you do the same stitches as knitting only with a crochet hook. I haven’t had time to try it yet but soon.


I had an infinity-style KB afghan loom briefly but needed to give it away during a move. I only got around to doing a few rows of stiches on it, to get a sense of just how big a finished project could be. If I recall correctly, it was as long as my armspan…so it’s a good option for making afghans (of course), wraps and shawls. Other clothing could be possible, too.
It was pretty big and clunky to maneuver, compared to all the other looms I’ve tried, but it couldn’t really be smaller, for the number of pegs/stitches that fit on it.
Right now I have an adjustable sock loom, which has been great for socks, leg warmers, arm warmers, mitts, and pouches that use yarn that is more or less sock-weight.
Isela Phelps’ videos and tutorials taught me all the basics, and now there are massive amounts of videos out there from other loom knitters that get into fancy stuff. I still like the former for getting the stitches down.