Does quote not work if you are the very next comment?

I was replying on a project and used the handy quote catcher option but when I posted it the quote was gone and the little icon indicating I had edited my post was lit. I then noticed that I was the very next comment from that which i was quoting so I wonder if that’s why? Just want to make sure I’m not doing anything odd(er than usual).


You’ve almost got it!

If you quote the entire post directly previous to yours, the system will auto-edit to remove it. Quoting the entire post into your post serves no visual purpose (other than duplication) since the previous post is still visible on the same screen.

If you want to be sure the person knows you are replying to them/their context, press the Reply button directly on their reply in the thread.

You can also do partial quotes with the highlight quote feature.


Perfect, thanks! I figured it was streamlining things. I hadn’t thought about the fact that I was the next commenter so who needs the repeat?

Loving everything here, btw, thanks so much to you and your team mates!


You’re welcome!

And thank you for being here.

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