Dog-painted Acrylic on Canvas

It’s no mystery that Instagram is going to show me cute animal videos and craft tutorials, so when I was shown a dog painting project, I knew I had to try!

I smeared peanut butter on a plastic bag that the canvas fit into.


Then I squeezed blobs of acrylic paint on a canvas that I’d prepainted with a couple metallic colors and put it into the bag.



I set it up in our woodshed and showed it to Delia. She knew exactly what to do!



We ended up doing it a second time after the first one dried.

If only I could post the video!

Now it’s hung up on our gallery wall in the living room!


THIS is the tutorial/inspiration I saw on IG.


What a cool idea! Great color choices, too.

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That’s such a fun idea!

What a talent!

Awe! That is such a cute idea! I love it. Looks great on your wall.


Thanks, everyone!

Wonderful movement on that canvas, truly representative of the vigour with which it was created I’m sure.


Thanks! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: You know, she really approached it more with a dogged determination (heh) than vigor. She appreciated the snax, but I could tell she wasn’t into it enough that we’ll do it again - at least not at this size.


What a fun and unique project!

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Awww!!! This is such a cute idea. I wonder how I could get our chickens to do something similar. :thinking: :smile:


I first thought this was a painting of a dog, not by a dog. I was pleasantly surprised! Love your newest gallery addition!


Thanks so much, friends!

This is awesome! I may have to try this with our puppos but on a smaller scale.

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Thanks! And DO IT! The IG video I saw was way smaller scale and I think that would probably be quite a bit easier in general. I was inspired to fill this specific empty spot in the gallery wall, which is the only reason I went 12x24.

I’ve updated my posting with a link to my inspiration/the tutorial.

Of course Delia is a talented artist. She has such a creative mum! Love this dear!


What a sweet little keepsake of your baby! It turned out pretty cool looking too. What an artist, she is!

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Aw, thanks, y’all!

I like the mess-free version of this! I’ve only been involved with the kind where you paint the animal’s feet, but this is both much more painterly, and looks a lot easier to do and then to clean up after.

Thanks! I think the relatively easy clean up is what appealed to me, as well! Also, that Delia was utterly unbothered since the only thing “weird” was that she was licking treats off plastic in the woodshed and she’s always down for a novel treat dispersal method!