Dolphin in Coral Reef: Another Paint Pour Reclamation

I have quite a few paint pours sitting around. While alone they are nice, they could be enhanced. So, last night I did the January Craft in Your Style challenge. Today, I was feeling fish and coral reef vibes.

I loosely followed this definitely not beginner Dolphin and Coral Reef video to create my finished piece. I wanted to see some of the paint pour shine through, so I did not change the water to solid blue. This confuses Mr. Lynx who only sees a dolphin over a mountainside. I get it. I can see it, too, but I still like it.

I started by mixing a khaki and white craft paint and doing a simple wash.


Then, I followed the tutorial and made the dolphin using the paint colors and brushes I have. Apparently, I don’t have any round brushes. I’ll have to fix that!

Then, I loosely followed her coral steps excluding adding fish and took my fan brush and added some blue+white swirls into the upper part and over the dolphin and coral for the completed look.

I love I can still see some color and texture from the pour.

This is also 11x14 inches.
Thanks for looking.


Great job on the dolphin! I like the mix of colors that you used when painting him and the highlights (along the mouth and the fin especially) really bring him to life.


Great job - I love the colours of the water and the coral. Though after reading about Mr. Lynx’s confusion, I can see how the water might be mistaken for sky.


The dolphin looks adorable.


Fun way to embellish your paint pours! (And an understandable reaction to the snow days, dreaming about warm waters!)

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Cute dolphin! Great colors!