Don't Worry, Be Happy

I got a Worry Stone mold and had to try it out right away. I also wanted to play with my films again for a faux dichroic look, and this was the result!


like black opals!

I got a bag of faux snaux (fow snow?) at dollar tree one christmas. It is perfect for inclusion in resin to get iridescent flecks. I tried all kinds of mix ins and inclusions; one of my favorites was corn starch (corn flour) to get a beautiful ivory color.

Don’t worry, Get Stoned? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

These are great! What a cool idea for a mould and just looking at these take away a little worry.

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They came out great!

These are so pretty. I love the green sparkle. They look magical.

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These are beautiful! I feel cheered just looking at them.

I have used the faux snow in lots of my projects! I only have a small bit left now but it is very fun to use.

Thank you all for the comments.

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So pretty!

My goodness these are gorgeous! I love the speckles of green!

Here is another set I did.