Don't Worry Crappy Cabinet! I Will Save You!

We have had this crappy tv cabinet for 20 years. My husband hates it and wanted to get rid of it and buy bookshelves. Instead of buying something new, I just switched my bookcases with the cabinet.Our books are nice and happy in their new home and I have more room for craft supplies and toys. Of course I had to dress it up and make it pretty for my craft room/office. Thank you 15.00 roll of contact paper and an exacto knife!

Here’s the finished version:

I did the entire top also.

And the before picture:


Ooh, I like the pattern on the contact paper. So feminine! And hurray for extending the life of the crappy cabinet. It looks so cute now. Was it hard to get the paper over the bevels on the top?

Good for you for giving it new life!

It looks great! Did you glue big buttons in the right shade to the doorknobs?

I did! They were these ugly wood pegs so I took them off and put buttons in their place.

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yay for recycling and making cuter…great that you also have function!

Love the touches of pink that pick up the paper…

It’s so amazing all the choices of contact paper and how it can really change up and life to used or unloved items. Well done!

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Suuuuuper cute! Love your color choices!

That was actually one of the easiest parts. I just had to be gentle so the paper wouldn’t rip.

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I like the pattern for the contact paper. Really pretty.