Dorris Day "Pillow Talk" necklace

Inspired by one of my favorite movies! I made this necklace a few years ago using this still photo from the movie, the details aren’t clear so I guessed.

I finally got the chance to watch this movie in a theatre two weeks ago and paid close attention to the scene with this necklace. Looks the same in the movie as the still photo. I am still curious and do some internet sleuthing to find this photo and a description of the necklace being turquoise and gold.

the re-design

Now to find a romantic dinner, view a park from a posh hotel and a carriage ride in the park.


Wow! You really nailed this reproduction… great job!

You have to take a selfie when you wear it to dinner, Miss Hollywood starlet!

I love that movie! And you did a great job!

love both your versions!

In the second picture of Doris, the necklace looks more like aventurine than turquoise–a soft green instead of the bright blue in the movie still.

When I clicked on the movie still, there was something about the dress being green, and what I can see in the still does look dark green; and a green necklace would look better with it than a bright blue one.

So I wonder if the magicians of Technicolor oomphed the color of the necklace. They did a lot of oomphing back then; some old movies are so brightly colored my eyes hurt.


Wow! You did a great job tracking down the info and creating this piece! You are ready for a night out on the town! Do you have a gown to go with it?

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I love it when items from shows are recreated! Especially from older movies!

Love your version!

Lots of oomphing with this necklace. The dress is blue the jacket is green. I called a photographer friend to ask if lighting and angles can change the color of the item. She said yes and my husband and I jumped around Beverly the mannequin to make it happen


I love Doris Day movies! Both of your necklaces are very pretty, and a nice tribute.

There is more…the necklace was made for Lana Turner to wear in the movie Imitation of Life. She preferred gold and turquoise. The necklace being a product placement from Laykin et Cie. There was a scandal attached to the movie when Lana Turner’s teenage daughter was arrested for killing her mothers boyfriend. The necklace was put on Doris Day because her " good" reputation. Along with being shown with a completely different color outfit, lighting and angles would restore the positive association to the brand without having to physically change the necklace. The movies were filmed a few months apart but released the same year. Both movies were a huge success earning Oscar nominations. Lana Turners daughter was found not guilty because it was believed that she was acting in her mothers defense and did save her from being beaten to death.
Not the artistic fantasy story I had hoped to find.


Thank you for the positive comments!

I do not have a gown but might wear it to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary on St. Patricks Day.


lol I went down that rabbit hole and now know more about Lana Turner than I probably needed! There are a lot of murder/death stories around a lot of the old movie stars…Natalie Wood comes to mind…it was an interesting story about your inspiration necklace!

I think it will spruce up whatever you decide to wear it with! A jeans and a classic white blouse looks lovely with diamonds and pearls!