DotD suncatcher

Inspired by the birb from @tapestry we took a suncatcher class.

Before firing:

It was a lot of fun; they had all different colors and types of glass–sheets, scraps, stringer, frit, little balls, and even dichro eyes. Like a candy store for glassworkers!

And hubby’s friend heard us talking, and mentioned she has a glass fusing setup at home, and suggested we come over to play!


Fun for sure! Lucky you having a future friend to play with MINUS the class fees, lol.
Looking forward to your future work.

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This came out so gorgeous! Definitely next level on design and glass work. How big is it? How are you hanging it?

I can’t wait to see what you make next!

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Thanks! It is 4" square, and has a loop at center top for hanging. I plan to string beads for the hanger.

Very cool! I love the effect of the crushed (?) glass in your background.

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Oh, that’s amazing! Great colour choices & I love the texture. Funny how those miniscule bits of frit in the white bloomed into such unexpected swaths fireworks across the bone. Looks like white has a high melting point, it kept it’s definition when everything else rounded out so much. Like the left lower corner red flower went from shards to soft.

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This is soooooo cool!

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Ooooo! This definitely captured the cheerful eeriness of DotD calaveras! Seeing your before/after shots has me wondering how one keeps the littlest bits (or all the bits) in place while maneuvering the piece from your work surface to the kiln?

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White glue and hairspray!
Both burn off completely, leaving just the glass.
The glue is thicker, good for larger bits. The hairspray was in a bottle with a dropper, not spray. It’s thin and spreads,so its good for the crushed glass frit.

I was disappointed that the color turned up on the white; next time, I’ll have to clean it off.

The teeth got weird, too. The thin black glass stringers must have melted and shrunk before bonding to the white glass underneath. They also didn’t do well spanning cracks in the white glass.

I think the white glass didn’t melt as much at least partly because the pieces were bigger. I thought the cracks would fuse more, but I like the effect.

And I think this was in a cooler part of the kiln. Most of it is smooth, but I can still feel the rough frit in the bottom left corner.


It looks great! I love the colors. Lucky you to get to play more. I hope you share with us what you make next!

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