Double Dozen Drawstring Bags - Part I of a Larger Project

A local five-and-dime type store has quite a selection of flat-fold fabric at really great prices - about half of what these same name brand cotton prints would go for at full price. And twice a year they stock up for a two-day 40% off sale! Last year’s spring sale was cancelled and I skipped the autumn one.

I have been returning to a donation project, so I hit that sale to get bright prints for the drawstring bag portion of the project and was able to make 24 of them, using 6 yards, for only $23.94! I used threads on hand - focusing on the tail ends of spools and bobbins - and even already had the yellow nylon cording. Just another few bucks for the multicolored cording.


Watching for sales, etc. means I can do more which amplifies my joy!


These are so great! I love the fabric you chose.


These are great! I especially love the bird fabric, because I love green. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, friends!

The fabrics are really nice. I like the third one over, the blue the tree & birds, and that fun magenta stripey one! The fact that you are using these for good makes it even cooler.

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Nothing like doing a charity project to brighten your day!

Really great fabrics! Man, it’s a good thing we don’t have that 5 and dime here. I’d be in biiiiiig trouble!!

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Drawstring bags are such a fun, easy project and I love all the fabrics you chose. I hope you’ll share what the finished charity project is, because it looks like it will be epicly large.

(Also, I have to ask - what is this magic five-and-dime store called?)

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Thanks everyone!

Most definitely!

It’s called Valley Drug and Variety. There’s a pharmacy and the usual OTC health stuff that goes along with that, a shipping and copy center (UPS, FedEx, etc.), cards, books, gifts, school/office supplies, and even an old-timey soda fountain (I treated myself to a salted caramel malted after fabric shopping)! But also a pretty decent fabric and craft section with a little bit of lots of things. Oh, and a liquor store attached!

It’s super dangerous to stash! So many nifty, cute prints that you didn’t go in looking for, but can’t possibly pass up at that price!

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But it’s probably safer for me that it’s a few states away! If I ever come to visit, I hope I’ll get to see this magical wonderland…

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Don’t get too excited! It’s small, but they make the most of it.


Love it! So what will you be using these for?

Thanks! You’ll just have to wait and see! :upside_down_face: :kissing_heart: