Double Thick Beanies

My brother lives in Alaska, where it can get into the negatives. So I made him a nice, thick beanie.

I loved it so much, I knit one for myself.

They’re nice and warm, snug without feeling a little squeezy like hats sometime can.


Ooooh nice! I wish we had more cold weather over here. I want to wear more hats!

They look nice and warm. No gaps for the cold air to get in!

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They look perfect! Your knitting is impeccable.

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These look so amazingly squishy and warm!
What size of yarn did you use for these?

Those look so warm! Did you use a pattern?

They DO look so warm and cozy! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Such lovely work and such a thoughtful gift! Glad you made something for yourself too!!. Not enough of us do that :slight_smile:


@Mountains_and_Clouds Yeah, not a ton of beanie weather over there, is there? :smile: Maybe you could handle a cotton hat every so often?

@mellybelly81 I’m crossing my fingers it will stand up to the Alaska weather. :crossed_fingers:

@Abbeeroad Thank you!

Worsted. I used Lion Brand Wool-Ease.

With US6 needles, I used a magic circle (as you might use for a top-down hat), increased every other row to 96, knit knit knit, decrease like usual, fold it into itself.

So true.


Thank you! :smiley:

Happy to help!

Such great skills! it doesn’t even look hand made, and they are really thick :smiley: I’m sure it will keep his head all nice and warm


Wow. Thank you!

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So comfy looking, and sure to keep him (and you) warm!

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Double knit is double warm! I know he appreciated it! burrr!

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You are such a nice sister!

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@Magpie I sure try.