Doughnut Novelty Print Shirt

Another novelty print blouse.

Please notice the pattern matching at the center front, and the careful placement of the doughnuts on the collar! (I made a negative/stencil of the collar and moved it all around on the fabric to find doughnuts that lined up in a pleasing way.)

McCalls pattern 7472. Fabric from Joann Fabrics.


That’s some impressive pattern matching!

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Very cute and excellent pattern matching skeeelz!

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Nice! I love that the pocket is matched so perfectly, you can’t even see it!

That would be the INVISIBLE POCKET, because there’s no pocket :). I’m not a fan of having a pocket on my boob.


That’s impressive.

Wowza! Fun print and amazing meticulous matching.

Nice shirt! And such a good job with both the collar and the buttons, matching the donuts so nicely!

This is the best thing I’ve seen all week. And that pattern matching… :exploding_head:

You are the queen of pattern matching, no doubt about it! And I love this shirt!!

Love it! I would go on a donut tour with that shirt. Hit up all the donut shops around town.

:doughnut: :heart: :raised_hands:
This is awesome!

Amazing! Love it!


Bowing dien to your fussy cut! Details like that make a project. The front is especially impressive. Also, the fabric is so much fun. Love it!

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That print matching at the fold IS WILD!!! AWESOME!!!

So, so cool!

Wow, the matching is as amazing as this aesthetic is delightful! I don’t usually attempt clothes, but this makes me want to try again. I love button-ups for tucking into skirts. I do it constantly.

Your pattern matching is impeccable! When I saw the title I secretly hoped you were the author, your posts are always so fun!

You have a exquisite talent. I love the way your pieces match so well.