Dream Catcher

I still haven’t figured out a title on this one. It is acrylic on canvas and the white was added using multiple paint marker widths filled with liquitex ink.


The detail you got in the white is great. How big is the piece?

Thank you @Bakeneko it is 12x24

This is so pretty! So much detail in the white, but I love how well it contrasts with the background!

Wow! That is beautiful!

I love that the dream catcher is is white on that colourful background, and I don’t know why, but it reminds me about scratch art, only that normally it’s black paint you scratch off and show the colourful paper beneath it, so maybe more reverse scratch card :stuck_out_tongue: But of course this piece of art is so pretty, great job!

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Exactly what imera said! Love the white on rainbow. Beautifully done.


Gorgeous! I love the vibrant colors, and the pure white really pops. Great work!

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Thank you all!

It’s a strange deja vu with the correlation to the scratch art AIMR said the same thing in discord

Your background technique is amazing! I love the blending in the rainbow!


OMG XD that is funny, but I guess great minds think alike, or something like that. Either way it looks great

This is really pretty and I love all the details you got on it.

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Thank you @Kwality570 and @gozer

I am interested to try this myself. I feel like there would be a lot of danger involved.

Danger as in a potential mess?

If so I can only speak for the Montana Refillable markers but they have a very wide opening that the liquitex dropper fits in easily. The only time I’ve had any mess was when I tried to go to fast with filling and I fill them a lot. I keep a set of black and white and have a few I fill with specific colors per project when I need. So I fill them a lot.

Yes, I feel like I wouldnt be able to keep the liquid within the lines, and over pour. Then it would go all over!