Dress for Christmas

Early in December, I had the thought to make myself a Christmas dress. I actually had the ambitious thought that I would make several Christmas dresses. Someday I will either a) battle down the procrastination monster and actually achieve my ambitions or b) just acknowledge that it’s not gonna happen. I barely squeaked out this one dress in time for Christmas. It’s sorta kinda historybounding because I used my self-drafted pattern for a 15th century gown (obviously shortened for modern wear). But then the ruffled-ribbon trim and elbow-length sleeves are more 18th century design features, not to mention the modern print. So I guess it’s just a mish-mash of things I like. I didn’t get a close up of the ribbon, but I am proud of that – I did all that folding and measuring and pinning myself, then stitched it down the center to hold. I didn’t want to flatten it too much because I liked the textural interest it gives.

I make my contribution to a long line of kitschy tree + dress pictures

A little bit better look at the ribbon

Close up of the fabric. Cardinals, poinsettias, and holly, oh my!

Future Christmas dresses that did not happen this year. But now I’ve shown you and you all can pester me about it next December.


Such a pretty dress! I think many of us have vowed to sew more clothing for ourselves this year! We will have to urge each other one!

Love the fabrics…a modern choice for a classic style…very flattering!


Thank you! Yes, I think I’m going to join the stashbustalong. I’ve got all this great fabric folded up in bins where it doesn’t do me any good when I could have a wardrobe I’m proud of.

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Oh I like! The fabric is fabulous

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All the things we want to make, but time is not on our side. At least you finished one dress, and you picked the prettiest fabric to make it with. I really adore birds. Shortening it was a good idea, and the ribbons are so adorable, great job! Now you have almost a whole year until next Christmas, good luck finishing the other dresses.


Thank you! I thought the birds were just so sweet.
haha Yes! I’m one dress closer to a month’s worth of Christmas dresses. :slight_smile:

I admire people who can successfully make their own clothes. I’m feeling inspired!

Your dress is uber cute!

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Lovely dress, how fun to have seasonal wear!

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This is so pretty!

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That looks great on you! And, haha, I like the photo shoot too.

Just think, if you get started on the next dresses soon you will be Early for next year! (I tell myself this every January, and then I ignore my own advice until November!)


Thank you! I hope you take that inspiration and run with it!

haha At least starting in November is something! I was telling my husband today that as long as I’ve still got a vaguely Christmasy feeling and all my Christmas fabric out, I probably should just bust some more out! We’ll see what comes of that…

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If you had only time to make one, I think you made the right choice. That fabric is beautiful! You did great.


Beautiful dress. Happy New Year!

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Ooh, the cardinal fabric is great!

Beautiful dress! I love the fabric! I always think I am going to get a new dress made for Christmas and then run out of time trying to get all my other Christmas crafting done. One day I will make it happen.