Drinks cabinet transformed into storage in my room of requirements

Technically it’s in the annex to the room of requirements (aka the craft-room) but who’s quibbling about details.

This was an old 80/90s display/drinks cabinet, huge and heavy. It was left in the house when we bought it. Ugly but with great storage. It got moved into this corner where it will live forever and it’s had a face lift.

The before

A pretty protracted face lift!. I removed glass doors and the fold down door-this was cut in half to make extra shelves. All of the hardware was removed as much as possible. Some of it was fastened with such bad screws that they were impossible to budge! After a sand I painted some detail in a bright purple, with the intention of rubbing back to that.

Then a coat of yellow. I did not like the yellow, it was too much. Then I mixed in some blue and green to the yellow and gave it a coat of green. It was too green, so I took that down with a colour wash of pale green, I still wasn’t entirely happy with the colour, but needed to move on. This picture is the green before colour washing

I covered the backs of the shelving with different wallpapers. (Love these!!)

Then added some stencils to the door fronts.

And for an extra touch of love, I applied gold leaf to the crown’s and bees in the stencil. I deliberately smudged the stencils and sanded them back a bit, I wanted to suggest age.

Then rubbed back to reveal a tiny touch of the purple here and there,

A coat of laquer and I put back the door pulls, and she’s finally done!.


It’s freaking gorgeous! Well worth salvaging from that ugly heap it started as. Well done you! Brava!

Wow! The mix of wallpaper is such a fun idea!

It meets the requirement of the room of requirements! Functional and beautiful…artsy and modern!

I love the mix of wallpapers…a bold choice for a room that will have lots of mixed things in it!

Bet you are glad to be done…

It doesn’t even resemble it’s former self- wow!

First, it’s amazing. Second, how incredibly useful this will be for you! You have a great eye for seeing the potential in things. I second @Magpie’s “Brava!”

A home for The Good Stuff.

Wow! That is absolutely gorgeous! And so functional! Now fill it up with all the crafty goodness! It totally deserves a beautiful home.

This is so great @Edel ! I was excited to see the transformation when I saw the title of the post. Next we’ll need to see a pic of it loaded up with goodies :smiley:

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Great colors and patterns!

STUNNING work, my friend. You are sure to feel a swell of pride and love every time you take a supply from it.

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Such a fantastic and special labor of love! You did some stencil magic! Enjoy!

How absolutely gorgeous!

It came out so beautifully darling!

What a lot of work and such a wonderful outcome. I love the storage too!

I love the stencils! Such a regal and amazing touch. The purple rub is perfection too! Great reconstruction.

HOT DAMN! One would never suspect that your wonderful after was that meh before! What could’ve been a burden left there by others has been made into a super practical showpiece. [high five]

I love everything about this! It reminds me how much I want to put wallpaper/patterned paper/stiffened fabric behind all my shelves and along the backs of bookcases and things, but I wouldn’t have thought to make every cubby different. This came out brilliantly!

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That is fabulous! I love how rich and warm it is now.

Congratulations! This has been selected as one of this week’s featured projects!

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Woohoo, thank you


This is by far the best upcycle I’ve ever seen! Loving it!