Duck Cloth Tool Dust Covers

Over on the old site, I shared some tool covers I made for my husband. He had a few still left uncovered, and I completed them this past week. I had to take a break from the first “new” cover because I kept making stupid mistake after stupid mistake.

My husband would take boxy measurements and I sewed them up. Sharing again here as it’s new to this site and I have 2 new to share! He’s debating having me make one for the snow blower…that’d be huge!


I have to admit though, I’m disappointed because I forgot for a minute that duck cloth is a type of fabric, and I was expecting to see dust covers with ducks on them! :laughing:


That would have been more exciting!

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Nice to use your skills to outfit the hubs space! I feel your pain, though, on making such huge covers…I have been making drum and tool covers for a long time and they are so boring and the size is ridiculous on some of them! ha ha

Great job…now he will want all the things covered and protected!!!


I need to do this. Nice job!

What a great group of projects!

@TheMistressT sT Thank you!
@Bunny1Kenobi Yay! Yes, it’s a somewhat boring, but useful project for the hubs.
@AIMR Yes! He occasionally says I need to stop swapping so I can make things for home! Ha! They are pretty boring to make, but good for me to practice sewing corners.

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These are a great idea! My dh could probably use a couple, too… Oh my gosh, I couldn’t imagine making one for a snowblower! lol Just tell him to use a tarp!

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Hehe, he is using a tarp already, so he’s ok!

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