Duck Duck Jeep!

My Jeep has been " Ducked" a few times and I have decided to embellish some ducks to give to other Jeep drivers. Teal crystal eyes on blue ducks, light blue crystal eyes and painted gold horn on the unicorn ducks.


I like your modifications, especially the gold added to the horn! Thank you for explaining the duck/Jeep connection in the snapshot thread. A few months ago, I ordered some ducks on Amazon and after reading reviews, I was curious about the Jeep connection (apparently rubber ducks are a big thing on cruise ships too :woman_shrugging:).


Love that you personalized your ducks! I agree, thanks for enlightening us about this cool new tradition!

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Cute ducks!

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Super cute!

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How fun! And adorable!

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I read about the duck/jeep thing. My SIL bought a Jeep so I bought a bag of ducks at DollarTree. Over a couple of months I adorned her new Jeep secretly with these adorable baubles. At a get-together one night I heard her complaining about someone leaving “stupid ducks” on her new vehicle. Seeing her aggravated was worth the $1. It’s been a couple of years since this. I still haven’t admitted it was me.


Not every Jeep owner wants to participate so I only duck vehicles that already have ducks. I will duck Jeeps driven by parents traveling with kids or couples. No men traveling alone, no chance of misinterpretation. I have given out 21 of 25 ducks and then I’m finished.

Someday I may confess that I was her ducker. She’s the only one I bought for. I had 2 left that I used to hold tips at restaurants. Can’t waste a smile

Fellow jeeper

Love your ducks!


We received our first duck at Sea-n-Suds in Gulf Shores, Al. Is the shell hunting good in PC?

Oh fun! Shelling here is hit or miss. IF you’re away from the touristy areas, it can be fantastic. We take our boat to crooked island where you can’t reach by car and it’s amazing.

We’re new owners of a used Jeep Wrangler. I’m interested to see if we’ll get a duck. My husband drives it because it’s a manual… I don’t see him passing out ducks.

I like the mods you did on yours! I would be tickled to find one.
Somewhat side note: I have seen the bottoms of rubber ducks hollowed out to fit a paint pot with lid. Placed under a lamp post skirt and with a clever title like “Ducking out for a…” makes for a fun twist on the old pill bottle geocache. There are a few of those types in Denver. One of my favorites was a toy sheep under a lamp skirt at Wal-Mart. They titled the cache “Wool-Mart”.

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I purchased ducks at Walmart on the party favors aisle. 4 for $1.97. Party City sells them in store(not sure on price) Dollar Tree sells a bag of mini ducks.
Official Jeep branded ducks are available online 4 for $7. More than I’m willing to pay.
This duck giving away has pointed out to me that I am a creature of routine as I keep seeing Jeep I have already ducked-because I keep going to the same places. I need to go out and about more.

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As new Jeep owners you might notice other Jeep owners, total strangers wave at you. It’s a two finger wave. Totally harmless and you don’t have to wave back just a friendly gesture. Jeeps used to be military vehicles and former military people would buy them when the military sold them as surplus. The new owners would see another surplus Jeep on the road and would wave in acknowledgement of both drivers being former military.

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Ah! I’ve seen that wave when my parents were driving it.
My dad was in the air force so I suppose it’s acceptable for him to wave back, heh.

Yikes, if you live in Dallas DONT GESTURE! When I lived there I had a habit of flying a single finger gesture, often. The last time I did it a car honked. I looked over to smile. Looking back at me were two dudes with two ugly guns pointed at me. (whole nother reason to DUCK)
A few months later I told a cop friend. He said a single digit at 75mph could be mistaken for any number of gang signs.
Sorry for the TMI :point_left:

I have no plans to go far into Texas. Just enough to get a geocache over the state line then hop back.
There was a funny meme circling that the handle of Oklahoma came about because Colorado paid extra not to share a border with Texas.

Sorry, I still love my LC friends though!

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Speaking of ducks, lol. I received 2 of them from Temu today. I was going to snag their ad picture but I clicked and it stated that the item had been discontinued. Gee, wonder why?
It’s a regular rubber ducky but has a bigger bill and is wearing a suit and tie.
Hilarious to us!

No Jeep will receive it

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