Dumpling Cat

Pattern was “Paula” by Sarah Sloyer in the book “Dumpling Cats”
The booty was not part of the pattern, it was my 14yo’s urging :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



The booty might be my favorite part of this little cutie!

Awww, little booty cat! I mean, Dumpling Cat! :rofl:

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your 14 year old was spot on. The booty makes it! LOL! I always find a cat booty funny. Love the colors of the entire thing. So happy and fun!

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Thanks! The yarn is Retro Stripe by RHSS, I used it to make two headbands and this was what was left over. Mostly, I let the colors change on their own. I did skip to the yellow for the ears (and obviously pieced in the pink :rofl:)

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hahahah! That’s so cute!

OMG he is so precious!!! :heart_eyes:

:rainbow: Hot diggity dog! Your project is one of this week’s Featured Projects! :dog2:

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So wonderful!

Well, this is adorable.

Omg! Nice pucker!

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Adorable, I love the little bum :grin:

Aw, how cute!
And the little bum is a nice addition.

What a sweet little face! I like the fun color combination. And, of course, the butt.