Dune hoopla

I made this for the recent winter book swap since my partner likes the Dune series. Unfortunately I neglected to take better pics in day light. It is a 4” hoop and free form embroidery to looks like one of the covers of the Dune book


Really nice!
It truly evokes the novel. Just looking at those dunes makes my calves hurt.

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Very nice! Love the textures in the stitching.

Woah! That’s a lot of stitching. You must be super patient! It turned out great!

All the texture is great. It definitely reminds me of those old book covers.

whoa! I recognized it as the cover of Dune immediately!!! It remains one of my all time favorite book series! Great job!

I saw this [almost] IRL, and it is EPIC!!! I knew exactly what it was when I saw it! I crush your embroidery so much.

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Instantly recognizable and super cool! How long did it take you?

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