Earl Grey Cardmom Shortbread Cookies

I wanted a quick baking make and this cookie recipe from my Pinterest fit that bill.


As the name indicated they have ground Earl Grey tea and ground cardamom, but they also have the contents of one vanilla bean. I had Stash Earl Grey Double Bergamot on hand, so used that - it took about 3 bags to get 1 tablespoon that I ground even finer in a mortar and pestle as per the recipe.


I didn’t count, but I would say there were about 2 dozen in this batch. You roll a log, freeze it, wrapped, for about an hour, then bake.


Mmm…I love earl grey. Interesting combo! I wish I could try one!

And I love cardamom. Lovely cookies!

I think I made something very similar once from a recipe in a tea catalog, but without the vanilla bean. These sound more glamorous!

Oohh they sound very interesting, what do they taste like?

Thanks, everyone!

You know, I think the bergamot is the strongest flavor, followed by the cardamom. The vanilla is light underneath those. They end up being a bit toward the savory as there is only 1/4 cup of confectioners sugar in the recipe. I think they would pair nicely with a cuppa, but also as an amuse bouche with a Middle Eastern or Persian meal.

Oohh I think I might make them, I love cardomom and I think I’ve a jar of vanilla bean paste knocking around. Now I’m actually not sure I’ve earl grey, but I think there’s some in the canteen at work…

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Oh, mercy, I can smell those from here and I want to eat allthecookies!
I had creme earl grey the other day that was positively unreal, I’m going to get some for these. Nom nom nom. I may have a problem with shortbread, lol.


@Edel Ooo! I hope you do and that you like them! I love cardamom, too, and probably pinned this recipe while searching for cardamom dessert recipes. Not that I don’t have a few earl grey dessert recipes pinned, because I DO.

@Magpie I LOVE shortbread, too!

What a delightful sounding combination of flavors! I love shortbread cookies, Earl Grey, and cardamom (and vanilla, of course). I’ll have to save that recipe- thanks for sharing the link. I’m hoping to do some baking soon. I gave up caffeine, but I’m guessing that 3 teabags divided amongst 24 cookies isn’t too much caffeine in a cookie.

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YEY! Plus there is decaf Earl Grey out there!

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sounds and looks wonderful!

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I’ll have to remember to pick some up!

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I LOVE IT!! :smile:

Plus I love cardamom. Those cookies sound tasty.

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Interesting! They sound divine! They look so pretty-so spring-y.

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Thanks, friends!

I made them, the rest are on the cooling rack.

They are yummy, different, not too sweet, just fab


YEY! Glad you like them! They feel like cookies-for-grown-ass-humans.

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They really do. I need to go and put them in a biscuit tin now, apparently they last for two weeks. Fat chance of that in this house!

Yeah, I read that about the shelf life. Given our dry climate and who exactly lives here and is home all dang day… ours were on a plate for as long as they lasted! :grimacing: