Early January ATCs

I’ve been having SO much fun making ATCs so far this year! The ongoing swap is really really active right now too, which is so exciting! Here are a few that I’ve made this month:

Isabelle from Animal Crossing

I just made this feathered dinosaur one yesterday, to swap in person with a friend!

Adult Merit Badge (this is something I often feel is an accomplishment, especially in these WFH days)

For the prompt “invent a new bird”: the Cooltone Spiralstork!

For my own Pokémon collection, Delibird!

Hmm, I do seem to have settled on a style, haven’t I? Don’t worry; not all the ones I’ve been making are the same! I’ve made six more cards in the past week or so but they haven’t been received yet, so they’ll have to wait! :slight_smile:


The pants one is awesome!


The pants one is so funny!

The spiralstork is mine and I want one! Isabelle is awesome and lives with me, too.

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Nothing wrong with having a specific style, especially when the results are so cool. It’s a great style, very vibrant.

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Congrats! Your ATCs are one of this week’s featured projects! You are awesome!


These are adorable! Besides the great characters, your background are neat too.

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Your drawing skills are awesome!

I totally need a pants merit badge. WFH is real, man.

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