Earring Display Cards for Photography

I recently picked up a set of square dies for my Sizzix Big Shot that were labeled as lace edged, but looked to me like postage stamps. I used one of the sizes to as the base for a couple of earring display cards.

Then I cut one black and one white square of paper using a guillotine and ran them through the Sizzix in a wood grain embossing folder. Glued them to the bases and punched a couple holes in them.



They do look like big postage stamps. The wood grain is so you!

Hehe! I couldn’t just leave 'em totally plain, could I? :rofl:

Oh my goodness! So neat. Also, I want to touch it (TWSS!)

You wonder what language they started with to call that “lace edged”.



And just how little attention to detail they care to give or pay their employees for. :confused: