Earring Holder and Organizer

For years I’ve been storing jewelry in a tackle box. It has kept everything safe and dust free, but I would get lazy and not browse my collection. So I decided that I needed to see my items in order to remember what I had.
I purchased some picture frames (buy 1 get 2 free at Michael’s, Yay!) and some balsa wood strips (also at Michael’ s). Spray painted the balsa wood, cut it to length, punched holes with a pushpin, hot glued to inside of frame, and mounted earrings. Then I hung on the wall. Now, on to something for bracelets and necklaces.

Sorry for the sideways photos. I can’t figure out how to fix that.

image image


Great way to organize your earrings!
I’ve been thinking about reorganizing my mess…thanks for the inspiration :slight_smile:

Your welcome. I tried window screen in the opening the first time, but not all my earring would work with that, ie: hoops, clip-ons.

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Clever idea. I like that you can see them all and access them so easily. Great project!

Thanks so much. I’m definitely one who can forget that which I don’t see regularly. And ease of use was key. Plus, it adds color to the wall. I have more earrings on order, so the top one will be filled soon.

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Super cool and super functional. Love it.

What a cute idea. I love the fact that you can now use your jewelry as a house decoration too. :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much.

No need to go out and buy decorations. :wink: