Easter Egg Accordion Flip Card

I thought I had posted this before, but I guess I didn’t!

It folds flat for mailing.

Cutting Files: Silhouette Studio, PDF, SVG .

I used designs from Birds Cards to create my egg decorations.

Before you start:
You may want to preview this assembly video (for a slightly different card) for help gluing together the panels.

The assembly part starts about 7 minutes into the video. (The beginning is mostly die cutting and gluing decorations on the card). I suggest changing the order, however, and gluing the decorative eggs on after tabbing together the egg-shaped accordions, so the glue tabs are hidden under the eggs.

How to assemble the card:

Cut out panels, as many as you like (I have 4). Watch your paper grain!
I cut mine sideways and got cracks on the panel creases (oops!). You want the grain of your card running vertically.

Cut out egg shaped liners and panel liners.

I used 8 egg liners (front and back of the eggs: red, blue, orange, green) but only 2 panels liners (That’s the paper with the leaves and flowers, which is visible on the front and back of the card when it is closed. I thought it was too busy to cover the entire card with it.)

Glue together the panels, using the long side tabs. You will have an extra one at the end of the card that you won’t use. Cut it off. Photo below shows the tabbed together panels.

Mountain and valley fold the panels to form a zigzag.

Pre-crease the small vertical creases at the bottoms of the eggs…

and at the tops.

The eggs need to zigzag in folds opposite of the panel folds. See that the red and blue egg join comes forward while the card goes backwards? The blue and orange tab join is behind the panel fold (which comes forward) and the orange and green join is, then, to the front (as the panel folds to the back).

Adhere the little side tabs on the eggs. In the photo below you are seeing the finished card. Glue the tabs before adding the decorative eggs, so they are hidden underneath. There will be an extra tab at one end, which you don’t need. Cut it off.

Pop the eggs creases into a zigzag that is opposite of the card zigzag. Close the card. The top and bottom tabs will collapse on the creases as the eggs turn, allowing the accordions to fold flat.

Open the card and add decorative eggs and panel liners.


So much intricate precision for quite the dramatic effect! Very festive.

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This is really cool!

Love the surprise/delight element of watching the eggs move as the recipient opens the card… plus they get a very attractive seasonal mantle decoration. So cool, as all your cards are!

This must be a delight to open!

So much talent and creativity.

Accordion cards are so cool and decorative. My mom has a few Christmas ones she received 20some years ago and still displays them. They weren’t even from me!

Egg-cellent and so festive!

super cute!!

That looks really great, beautiful colours too.