Easter Egg Swap Jewelry (bracelets, necklace, earrings..olé!)

For the Easter egg swap, I filled 4 eggs with jewelry. I made my first 2 ever charm bracelets. I was kinda astounded at how quickly these bracelets can become a monetary investment of sorts. So, mine were simplistic.

I started with cat charms for a cat lover.

Then, a floral charm for gardening.

Next, a cute bunny charm turned into a necklace.

Finally, straight from her Pinterest, which a slight ear variation, bunny earrings and a bonus zipper pull.

The last egg had snail stickers.

The whole package, minus the teal basket I sent it in because even though not required, I sent one anyway!


I love the way you photographed these! So cute. Thank you for such a fun and happy Easter Egg swap. My favorite item was the bunny necklace!


Some cute jewelry! I especially like the bunny necklace as well. And the eggs themselves are pretty cute!

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Ooooh, very nice! I love the cat bracelet especially. Where did you get your eggs? I love how the hinge is on the long edge instead of the short edge.

Thank you. Walmart. Yeah, I like that about the eggs, too.