Easter Shirts from Way Back When

“Pick whatever fabric you want for your Easter outfits.”
Shocking, isn’t it, that my children chose a novelty print? :wink:

Huh. How odd that the trees/bushes on the front plackets are not matched perfectly. I must have missed. But it’s weird that I did it that way on BOTH shirts. Maybe I didn’t have enough fabric to do it right? It’s a mystery.


How odd indeed considering who made them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


Adorable! And in this case the pocket not being pattern matched (and being
perpendicular, if I am interpretting correctly) really suits the print!

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@TheMistressT Yes, you are correct!


So cute! Your kids were totally adorable. Love that they chose that print. Of course, I never even noticed it wasn’t pattern-matched until you mentioned it.