Easy DIY Play Dough Tutorial

This play dough tutorial is so easy and quick to make! And, if kept in an air-tight container, the dough will last four to six months.

1 cup water
1 cup flour
1/4 cup salt
1 tablespoon vegetable oil
2 teaspoons cream of tartar
Coloring of your choice – I used Betty Crocker Gel Food Colors (Classic)


Pour all of the ingredients into a saucepan.

The next set of photos is all one step – stirring! Heat on medium high heat and stir stir stir. It finishes very quickly, so keep stirring and do not walk away . I timed and, start to finish, it was done in less than six minutes.

0:01 Start stirring!

0:01 Stir stir stir.

0:03 Ooh, it’s starting to get thick! Don’t back out now.

0:04 Eep! There are weird little lumps forming! Don’t be scared. This is perfect. Keep stirring.

0:04 Okay, this just looks gross. Are you sure about this? Yes. Keep on stirring.

0:05 Something is definitely happening here. I’m questioning my life choices.

0:05 Ahh, I get it now.

0:06 Well, would you look at that? It’s play dough!

Now you just slap it out to cool for maybe 10 or so minutes. I put it on wax paper.

And the best part – knead it! Mr.sweets4ever and baby.sweets4ever had entirely too much fun helping with this step.

And that’s it! Repeat for each color of dough you’d like to create.


I’m so doing this for my baby nephew when he’s reached the age that he will understand that not everything is eatable, but is too curious to not try it.

They look so good, so pretty and colourful, and easy to make


Ah fond memories…I use the same formula when I make play dough :smiley:
Have you tried scenting the finished product?
I’ve tried batches with various scents - a play-doh® fragrance oil, lavender oil, begamot oil and green tea fragrance oil.
It might be fun to match colors and scents (e.g. banana scent for yellow, strawberry.for red, etc.).

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I’m making play dough tomorrow! I need it for a classroom activity. Another way to add color & fragrance is to use add an unsweetened Kool Aid packet.


Thank you for the detailed instructions. I sooo wish that I found this when my older kids were young.

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Oh, that is brilliant!

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Awesome DIY! <3

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I’ve needed some cheap playdough for church with the little’s. thanks!


We made some today, it’s really good!!


that looks like so much fun

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Ooh! I can tell just from the photo that the play dough had a great texture. And the colors are so vibrant!

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Oooh, so bright and colorful, too!!