Easy jersey "Greek" dress

Last summer, I bought a couple precut pieces of jersey from Walmart (not my typical fabric store of choice). My girls had been asking for summer dresses and since the fabric was like four bucks a piece, I figured what the heck. Reader, I did not make the dresses last summer.

Fast forward to this summer! I found a tutorial because I didn’t have any patterns suitable for fabric with this level of stretch. This tutorial was sparse on information. I spent a long time studying the pictures and playing with my fabric until I figured out what she meant. Once I understood it, it was super simple, but I wish she had written it a little more carefully for all of us who don’t live in her head. Anyways, here is the result!

DD #2 modeling her dress. The “sleeves” and neckline are just gathered into shape and there is a tie at the waist.

I haven’t made the dress for DD#1 yet because I discovered that the stripes (much more colorful and obvious than this blue one) are printed wonky and even though it was supposed to be a 2 yard cut of fabric, they shorted me half a yard which would make the results of this pattern too indecent. So, contemplating that one.


Very lovely! I love gathers in dresses…very flattering and usually fit nicely without a lot of precise sewing…

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Which is ‘precisely’ why I liked this pattern! :grin:

That’s really pretty! Lovely drape to the fabric. :heart:

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It’s pretty and it looks so comfortable! If there isn’t enough fabric for a second dress, it seems like it would still be a really nice design for a tunic top. Or possibly add a solid color jersey to the bottom to give it the desired dress length.


Very cute and it looks comfy. Nothing like a good dress in the summer.

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Adorable dress! Looks like one she can live in for the rest of the summer. :slight_smile:

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