Eco-Dyed Pillowcase

I participated in an eco-dyeing program at the library makerspace this morning. Behold:

Basically it was hammering the everloving tar out of plants onto a pillowcase. This photo is of it with residual plant bits still on it; I’ll brush those off when they dry.

It was really interesting to see how the different plants and plant parts reacted. I don’t know that I’ll go super far down this rabbit hole, but I am eager to play with the technique on watercolor paper.

Some of our early experiments on paper and muslin:

The absolute carnage at my station:

Thanks for looking!


Neat idea! How do you help it stay colorfast?

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Wow! Sounds like a fun (but maybe deafening!) workshop.

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The instructor suggest hitting it with an iron to help set it. There’s also stuff you can do to prep the fabric beforehand, but this did not have that, so we’ll see.

@endymion it actually wasn’t too bad. We had magazines underneath that helped dampen the noise.


Super cool idea. And cheaper than those dang ol store stamp.

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It’s like a rage room with artistic results! LOL!


What a cool project and lovely way to spend a weekend!

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