Eco-printing Alchemy on cotton paper & linen

My first topic post so hopfully I can navigate this properly! :laughing:

I’m taking part in an online workshop for 13 moons, and this is the second moon project. I am hooked!

The process has been so fascinating and enjoyable, from making up the mordent (white vinegar & rusty metal) to selecting the leaves and flowers, and then the big reveal when you see what has occured!

A couple of in-progress photos. The leaf & paper combo all bound up ready for the pan

And once it had cooled down and I could open it

Anyway, I just wanted to share this technique and say that it would be a great one to try if you haven’t already, it makes you feel like an alchemist!


Ooh, beautiful! I remember @Onyxnox doing some leafy printing one time. I just love the way that looks, I’ll have to try it.

oooh, your prints are amazing!
This process is so magical and something I really want to try-I assume it works like rust printing (also something I’ve longed planned to do haha)

These look lovely! I bought a class but I haven’t started it yet.

How cool!

Thank you! It was soooo much fun to do, I recommend having a go!
Because I used cotton paper I plan to stitch some details on one or two of these.

Stunning results! It reminds me of Lady Cottington’s Pressed Fairy Book. Beautifully done!

These are really cool. I love the way they look. They stir emotions.

So gorgeous!

I am jealous of the class! What wonderful pieces! The colors just speak to me!!


Wow, these pieces look amazing!!

Thank you so much!

I tried with a second batch of different leaves on paper & fabric and they turned out differently, but so lovely. I might be addicted! It’s taking over my kitchen :laughing:

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