Edmonton Oilers Baby Bib complete with Tie

For the uninitiated, the Edmonton Oilers are an NHL hockey team based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For those in the know, stop laughing that I explained this :smiley:

A daughter of our good friends just had her first baby and her hubby is an Oilers fanatic. I’ve had a bib and tie pattern for awhile, waiting for the right use and this was it (I did make a couple modifications)

It was given at the baby shower today and daddy loved it but mommy wasn’t impressed but only because she cheers for a different team. She made me promise that for next baby I’d make a bib with her team fabric.


Very cute! Love the tie!


Thanks for explaining, I needed that!

How fun to have a bib with tie! Cute, adorable and funny!
Great work! (As always!)


Aww, you’re making me blush :slight_smile:


Adorable bib! I’ve never seen one with that tie design…it’s neat!

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It’s a pattern by Thimble Blossoms that I’ve had for many years … I tweeted it some though.


This bib with tie is so adorable! The little one will look quite sporty. The mom will love it even more when she realizes that the team fabric (not her fav team) will be spat upon :wink:

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I’ll have to share that thought with her :rofl:

That does sound like a good deal XD

But the bib looks great I think, I love the overall design

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