EEEK! Happy Birthday - A Skellie Birthday Card

Someone I know is turning 51 pretty soon. He’s getting a silly skellie card that’s all in shades of grey, black, and white (including some metallics) except for the purple party hat.

I combined a couple of Bold Type dies and cut off some of the sentiment for the inside.

The skull with its hat are on an action wobbler and the googly eye is on an adhesive foam dot to give extra dimension. Same for some of the background decorations.


That’s a really intricate card! I love the details.

So cool! Wish I could see the wobbler in action. Happy birthday to the recipient!

Thanks, y’all!

@endymion Let me see about making the gif I made smaller. It was too big to load here. It was also rather disappointing!

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Such a cool card! I love the design and the googly eye!

This is awesome!!!

Thanks, friends!

That skull’s eyes
lol lmao

The single googlie eye just makes it. :laughing:

Thanks, y’all!

@thanate The side-eye it gives when laying flat on a table is especially hilarious!


That’s a fun card and I like the ONE googly eye. Hilarious!

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Love the skelly! And yeah, the single eye is the PERFECT touch!!