Eels (of course) and friends

Some of you may have seen that I took over the HS French classes as an emergency sub for the rest of the school year. Because of that, all crafting has come to a halt as I frantically try to come up with lessons every afternoon (the curriculum was garbage and the kids were so far behind that it was extra worthless). The one thing I can do is take a few minutes to doodle occasionally.

First up, Frog and Eel are friends.

Next is a grumpy lil basketball toad. Please ignore his white-out mustache. I made a boo-boo.

A very convincing travel poster. Don’t you want to go there?

These guys were based off a 10th century story where some disobedient priests got turned into eels.

And most recently is this skateboard star.


You, my friend, have a weird (great) sense of humor! lol

I love how you depicted some common things in such an uncommon way…Pony Hank…ha ha…but my favorite is the vacation poster!


I only just noticed the skateboard logo indicating he’s not a one-trick Pony :laughing:.


These are great!


:laughing: Yes, I suppose I do have a weird sense of humor. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

@megwell Yay!! I’m glad someone caught that!

@Kwality570 Thank you!

You know I have to click when I see eels!! I absolutely adore your goofy drawings!!! So adorable and whimsical and fun!


So glad to see you on here! And your fun drawings, too! Thank goodness the school year is drawing to a close and we can have you back (I hope)!


Ohh… Eel seems not too sure about the amphibious hugs from that cute frog friend :smile:


Does that say Pony Hawk? That is hysterical.


As usual, your drawings a so full of fun and full of funny, too!


:laughing: You’re right. My inspiration was Looney Tunes “I will hug him and squeeze him and call him George” where the huggee is not quite sure he wants to be involved. FTR, my Eel friend said that would not be a true-to-life reaction. lol

@kittykill It does! I forged ol’ Tony’s signature. hahaha

Thanks, everyone!

Nice work @grenouille78 :smiley:

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Great doodles!

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