Eerie Abandoned Tombstone ATCs for the Tombstone ATC Swap 🪦

Now that both of the ATCs I made for the Tombstone ATC swap have been delivered I can finally post them! I haven’t gotten to do much crafting lately, so it was a real joy to take a few hours here and there to get spooky.

I’ve only ever made a few ATCs, so I hope my interpretation of them and the theme worked for my partners. I perhaps went overboard in that I made each a special wrap/envelope and decorated the backs.

I’ll “unwrap” 1 of 2 first. Of course, the inside of the envelope is decorated, too. I can’t help myself.

The tombstone is raised off the ATC base card and the flowering vines are pretty 3D, too. Or at least they were before mailing!

And the 2 of 2!

There is quite a bit more spiderweb action on the front that the photos show. And the spider on the back sways back and forth from her web.

So… yeah. That’s a lot of pics for two ATCs, but the devil is in the details, right? :imp:


They look like abandoned gravestones with unkempt foliage. Lovely. How did you make the tiny flowers? Your packaging biz is so boss.

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These are awesome! Love the names and the flowers!!

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Wow, your papercrafting is so thoughtful and intricate! I’m amazed. Those 3-D flowers are pretty cool, as well as the spider webs.

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Thanks, friends!

I used small punches that don’t cut through paper much heavier than printer paper, so I used markers to color both sides of white printer paper before punching. I used a 5-petal flower punch for one ATV and a five -pointed star punch for the other - each blossom is three layers glued in center. Then I used an embossing stylus (or two) on a piece of dense black foam (the kind that lines the packaging of some electronics) to curl them into cup shapes. Their stems are 3 strands of embroidery floss coated in Mod Podge.


These are incredible. Those flowers are so gorgeous. All the details are amazing. I know your partner had to be thrilled with these. Love the tone and colors too. You rocked this swap!

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Well, mine is still pretty spectacular after getting here. :grin:

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Wow - these are so full of spooky details! I love them. The packaging is so extra!

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Thanks so much, y’all!

@thanate I’m so glad you like it!