Electric Spinning Wheels

I’ve been considering an ewheel for a while, mostly when I’m tired and don’t feel like getting the wheel out, or messing with a drop spindle (I’m awful at drop spindles).

I have seen the Electric Eel Wheel in person, both the original and Nano and think that would be really cool, but I have a friend who has a fancy one a Daedalus - which is really awesome, larger, and a lot more expensive.

Does anyone have any particular likes and dislikes of an espinner? I would love to hear more opinions!

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I was one of the Nano Kickstarters, but life was really very busy since summer and it’s still in its box (to my shame). I’m hoping to use it over the weekend for the first time.

Everything I’ve seen so far it looks very nice and seems just about right for me (no mass production, and I probably get a better hang of it than of my spindle!).


HAHA! It’s ok, I totally feel you on being behind on craft stuff. NO shame there what so ever.

I’m in the same boat with a drop spindle. :sweat_smile: I’m just all thumbs as much as I really want to get good at it! Even with a supported one I am not awesome. I have a wheel which I like and am much much better on, but something I can just sit in bed or stretch out on the couch if my legs are tired from work and mess with… yeah!

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I’ve had my Electric Eel Wheel Nano for a few months now. This is my first and only wheel. I had spun on a spindle previously. Overall, I really like it. I’m sitting on the couch tonight, watching a movie with it plugged into my computer, finishing up some merino. In a month or so, the Nanos will come with a more powerful motor, so you might want to wait for that?

Very affordable
Highly portable (can run off a rechargeable power bank)
Small and lightweight
Easy to spin very fine

Small bobbins
Bulky yarns are tricky
Needs a few little tweaks to work optimally (but does work right out of the box)

The kickstarter for the new Electric Eel Wheel will be starting soon, with a wheel like the nano, but larger like the 5.2. The price will be around $260 for that one.

Eventually, I’m going to treat myself to a larger e-spinner, because, as much as I enjoy the Nano, something bigger would be fabulous.


I have an Eel wheel Nano and an Ashford Espinner 3.

If money is not a factor I would skip the Nano and go for a more expensive espinner. They spin better and have more variable speeds. And they are awesome for plying.


Heh, me too! Mine came in just as we were going on vacation, and then I’ve also been trying to decide if I want to try to learn left-handed so I don’t start skewing the fingerprint I use to open my phone. :roll_eyes:

@LupaWulf, I have not done this myself, but have talked to several people who swear that the trick to getting good at drop spinning is just to do 15-20 minutes a day for a few months.


Pretty excited- I decided to say heck with it and take the plunge anyway, since it wasn’t breaking the bank. I ordered my EEW Nano and got it in time for a craft retreat!

It’s a TON of fun, and I really like it for what it is. I want a bigger version when they come out with it in the future too!

I’ve not been around much due to being super tired from messing up my knee at work. :frowning: SO having the EEW has been awesome for spinning while relaxing!